About Us

Diaries of a Psychic Sorority: Talking With the Angels is the true story of three strong, ordinary women from the Midwest, brought together by their “Angels” and given step-by-step instructions for “world peace, one person at a time” starting with the self, and then turning and teaching others how they can heal themselves.

The Psychic Sorority doesn’t paint pretty pictures of utopian living, talk about Earth changes, prophecies of global destruction, ascension or anchoring light. You are invited into their personal human struggles as they experienced them: the doubt, the conflict, the growing pains of learning to undo ingrained perceptions of years of cultural dictates, and eventually the miracles, and how they slowly but surely learned to listen to the voices of their own divinity.

Diaries of a Psychic Sorority will appeal to anyone who is ready to pick up their power, take full responsibility for the condition of their own life and make their world a more peace-filled place. It’s about seeing the opportunities to make a difference in the world using the ordinary experiences of everyday life to propel ourselves to personal and spiritual empowerment.

Teresa, Barbara and Lily volunteered and were chosen to bring this message into the world. You don’t need to believe anything you read. You don’t need to be religious, spiritual, politically correct, or pass a stress test. You only need to read this book, give it time to sink in, and then, as the Angels are so fond of saying, “Watch and Be Amazed!”

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