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Diaries of a Psychic Sorority: Talking With The Angels is the true story of Teresa McMillian, Kimberly Lilith Phelps and Barbara With, three ordinary yet extraordinary women who were brought together by their “Angels” to listen to their messages, transcribe them, and then use the lessons to commit to a common vision of peace together.

Their story is an inspiring manual of a simple yet intricate communication with their Angels,  who aren’t distant, virginal, silvery creatures who only come in times of great need. Their Angels are a vessel for change and illuminate a new perspective of the divine in all life, including and especially the conflicts.

Transcribed sessions with the Angels, such as Step-By-Step InstructionsConflict Resolution, Inspiration, and Commitment offer a guidebook of how to be mirrors and lovingly accept responsibility for your life. But what is equally compelling is how the women put the lessons to the test on their own conflicts. Diaries is the actual diary they wrote while taking the first baby steps into a mission that has lasted their entire lives and grown into something far greater than they ever could have imagined.

This book gives proof of our need for each other in growth and healing. It’s not about finding the magic pill that will mysteriously change your life. It’s about a creative process of discovery that utilizes the daily conflicts in life to facilitate healing. By resolving the conflicts first within ourselves, we are led to greater self-love, which then enhances our relationships with others.  Their story illustrates how to cultivate a strong, underlying inner peace, sustainable even in the most difficult times, all the while contributing to world peace.